Crazy Monkey 2 slot


Slot machine Crazy Monkey 2 is a fascinating continuation of the famous plot of the most popular emulator. Absolutely all players who have played this slot at least once know about crazy monkeys. But in fact, the popularity of monkeys is so high that absolutely all gamblers, regardless of their playing experience, give their preference to this device.

The bonus game is activated by the image of a crazy monkey. She appears on all reels, but at least 3 portraits of her are required to trigger an additional round. The first level of the bonus game takes place in a forest clearing, where players will see 5 ropes. By pointing to one of them, they can see the monkey pulling the rope. As a result of these actions, the monkey receives either a banana or a heavy object. In the second case, the bonus game will be over, but if the gameplay is more positive, the user will have to pull another rope. After all five ropes have been pulled, this will mean that the first level of the game has been completed.

Following on the heels of Igrosoft’s successful Crazy Monkey slot is the hotly-anticipated sequel, Crazy Monkey 2. Like its predecessor, Crazy Monkey 2 is a five-reel video slot set in the heart of the jungle and, like its predecessor, it dangles the carrot of a 5,000 jackpot. It’s a tad disappointing that the jackpot hasn’t been increased – after all, what are sequels if not bigger, better versions of the original – but set that disappointment aside and you could have a fun time playing along.

The Igrosoft video slot does not take liberties with the story or gameplay of the first Crazy Monkey; if you liked that title, you’re an ideal candidate to plug some coins into this one. It looks and feels exactly the same. Only the graphics are a slight improvement, with the jungle in the background seeming a little more realistic and detailed, ferns and shrubbery now providing a superior playground for our chirpy protagonist.

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