The game of aristocrats – this is exactly what they said about baccarat in the old days. It is noteworthy that it has retained its positive reputation to this day, and is highly valued among the majority of gamblers. Baccarat is attractive to players largely due to the fact that the rounds are fast and the rules are simple to the limit. But the main feature of this game is that the player does not even need to get the best hand to win: the main thing is to guess who will win – he or the opponent.

Thus, a player and his conditional opponent, a virtual dealer, take part in the Baccarat game. Draws are conducted with one 52-card deck. The outcome of each drawing is the calculation of points for the cards in the hands of the participants.

Before starting, the user needs to make a bet on one of 3 possible outcomes of the development of events: a player’s victory, an opponent’s victory, a draw. For this, chips are used, the number and denomination of which the player can independently regulate. In particular, the + and – indicators near the token icon are responsible for adjusting its denomination. For the convenience of users, chips of different values ​​are painted in unique colors. Each click on the Level section adds one chip of the selected denomination to the bet. When the size of the bet is settled, the user only has to make a choice regarding which outcome he wants to bet on. To do this, on the control panel on the right, you need to click Tie, Player or Banker, respectively, after which the change begins.

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